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pelvic floor exercises

The pelvic floor muscle exercises of the AVIVA Method are aimed to provide solution for women at all ages. The earlier you learn about the training of these hidden muscles the better. Their various tasks within the body include keeping the organs of the pelvic area in place, ensuring sexual health, women need them during labour and for controlling bladder and bowel movements. First and foremost I recommend all women to use these techniques as a prevention tool but they are also proved to be effective as  therapeutic alternative once health problems have already occurred. The exercises are very gentle, they are to be carried out at a slow pace and can be easily tailored to every woman's personal need and abilities.

 The PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES for WOMEN might help with:

  • in case of urinary incontinence (enuresis)

  • pelvic organ prolapses: uterine, vaginal and bladder prolapse

  • improving the quality of sexual intercourse

  • perineal and vaginal rehabilitation after giving birth

  • speeding up postpartum recovery

The lesson

Private lesson

2 x 2 hours

During the lesson you will receive a package of practical and theoretical information you need to know for keeping the pelvic area and the pelvic floor muscles fit including:

  • the functions and whereabouts of the hidden muscles of the pelvic floor

  • a set of exercises that will help you with keeping them fit so as to treat or prevent health problems from occurring

  • tailor-made instructions on how to do the exercises so as they fit your needs in line with your health issues or the goal you want to reach

  • useful advice about necessary lifestyle changes