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A must for all women.

What is the AVIVA Method and how does it work?

The sequence of the specific and rhythmical exercises of the AVIVA Method generate beneficial changes in the endocrine system in a natural way. While doing the exercises the related endocrine glands are stimulated for optimal hormone secretion. This way the balanced state of hormones of the body is created without the intervention of a doctor or a naturopath and without the application of any artificial or natural medicine.

The movement of the interior and exterior pelvic muscles and those of the abdomen intensify the blood stream which transfers more hormones, vitamins and oxygen to the sexual glands and to the reproductive organs and also speeds up the removal of toxins and unwanted elements from these areas thus creating an ideal environment for the healing process to take place.

Why is hormone balance


Hormone balance is crucial for our everyday life – especially for women who get to experience the hormonal changes several times every month. Hormones affect the mood, define the quality of the skin and the capability of getting pregnant among many other things. 

The AVIVA Method is a physical exercise system of a great value for both women and men at all ages. It provides the possibility of self-healing for the body, regulates and sets the hormone levels according to your personal needs and creates a balanced state in a natural way.

The exercise system


Specific strengthening exercises for men that focus on the muscles of the pelvic floor. The AVIVA Hormonal Gymnastics for men can provide relief in case of prostate problems, male infertility and urinary incontinence, aid sexual functions and support general hormone health and well-being.

pelvic floor exercises

The pelvic floor muscle exercises help women with staying fit not only on the outside but also on the inside. The exercises strengthen the muscles around the pelvic organs, can provide relief in case of urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapses, they aid sexual functions, speed up postpartum recovery and serve as a prevention tool.

pregnancy exercises

The pregnancy exercises gently prepare the women's body for the upcoming changes that are to be experienced during pregnancy as well as for the labour itself.  The focus is on breathing and on keeping the muscles fit by careful stretching, strengthening and relaxation.


The ultimate series of 18 rhythmical exercises for women promotes natural hormone balance and hormone health. The AVIVA Hormonal Gymnastics provide natural therapeutical and preventive solutions in case of various gynaecological problems, infertility, menstrual problems and promote general well-being.  

The story of the AVIVA Method

The Method was developed by Aviva Gabriella Steiner, a Hungarian-born ballet dancer, PE teacher and physiotherapist. As a little girl she was taught by her parents how to have control over her body by doing sports and proper nutrition. When both of them lost their lives in concentration camps during WWII Gabriella has been taken along with other Jewish orphan children to Israel in 1946. She graduated there at the College of Physical Education with a major in gymnastics and became the leading dancer of the Opera of Tel-Aviv.



It was many years after - as she changed her career and became a physiotherapist - when she held a class for women and realized that certain exercises had an effect on the period thus could be used for regulating the cycle and also for contraception purposes. She continued her experiments and about 25 years later finalized those 18 exercises which we know today as the AVIVA Method.