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The exercises of the AVIVA Method for Men - just like the ones that were created for women - generate beneficial changes in the endocrine system in a natural way. The endocrine glands are stimulated for optimal hormone secretion by specific movements so as to help the body to achieve a state of hormone balance. The movements of the Hormone Gymnastics for Men focus on strengthening the inner and the outer muscles of the pelvic area with a special emphasis on the pelvic floor muscles. The tempo of the movements and the unique set of exercises are tailored to meet the needs of the individual and can be easily built into the daily routine. No previous sports experience is needed.

The AVIVA Method for MEN could help with:

  • prostate problems (enlargement - BPH)

  • erectile dysfunctions

  • fertility: increasing sperm count, the viability and the motility of sperms

  • preserving virility

  • constipation

  • urinary incontinence

The lesson

Μέθοδος AVIVA για άνδρες, Μαθήματα στην Ελλάδα

Private lessons


During the lesson you will receive a package of practical and theoretical information you need to know about hormone balance and hormone health including:


  • the strengthening AVIVA Method Exercises for Men that were developed by Aviva Steiner with a focus on the masculine functions and reproductive system

  • tailor-made instructions on how to do the exercises so as they fit your needs in line with your health issues or the goal you want to reach either for therapy or prevention

  • practical information on nutrition and healthy diet

  • useful advice and recommendation about necessary additional lifestyle changes

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