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Your success stories.
Bea, 43

The Aviva Method was recommended to me by my gynaecologist. I was trying to get pregnant without any success for years then and was already 40 years old. To tell you the truth I didn’t do the exercises so regularly and eventually stopped altogether. No wonder I didn’t have any positive results. Then I sat down, reconsidered my priorities and cleared my head two years later. I started attending your classes again and practised at home. I also took care of my diet and did the detoxification therapies that you recommended. The result followed shortly. Today I am a proud and happy mother of a beautiful, 5 months-old baby boy. Thank you so much for your advice and help. I can only recommend the Aviva Method to all women, it was such a great help!

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)/Uterine fibroid/Irregular period
Susan, 28

I had several gynaecological problems before I came across the Aviva method: PCOS, myoma, irregular period and cysts. We also wanted to have a baby with my husband and figured that it might take a while if we succeed at all with so many health issues being in the picture. I attended your class, did the exercises and changed my diet according to your advice. Within 2 month I have found myself staring at the two little lines of the pregnancy test! Since then the nine months have already passed and we are holding our beautiful daughter in our arms. I wish all women the same success and hope to give the courage.

Uterine polyp
Virginia, 32

I was doing the AVIVA exercises two times a week and did the detoxification therapies that you recommended for 3 months and today I was told by my gynaecologist that my uterine polyp is gone. He also checked my hormones and I am completely healthy. I will continue doing the exercises because I want to stay healthy. Thank you very much, I really appreciate what you do for women.

Anna, 30

I participated at the Aviva Method basic course by chance. I’ve never heard about it before, neither did I have the time to see what was it exactly about as I found myself all of a sudden in the group where I listened to our wonderful trainer telling us all about the Method.
We have been trying for a baby for 2 years with my husband without any success. After the basic course I felt stronger in my body and more relaxed in my mind. I realized how stressed I was till then!  
I was able to enjoy my everyday moments and breathe better, but most importantly after practicing for a couple of weeks I had a positive pregnancy test! That was definitely the best present I’ve ever had and many things I have learned during the workshop accompany me till now!

Uterine fibroid
Ingrid, 42

I decided to learn the Aviva Method because I had a myoma of a size of 5-6 cm. I did everything according to your advice: practised the exercises twice a week, drank the herbal teas and changed my diet. Today the doctor told me that the myoma is gone!

Ester, 36

After trying for 10 years and being told that I was barren I decided to learn the Aviva Method at your class. I got pregnant within three months – a true miracle! I have nothing else to „blame” except for the exercises since I haven’t been doing anything else. Simply amazing! 

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)/Fallopian tube blockage
Gabi, 34

I had polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and Fallopian tube blockage and therefore was subscribed medicine by the doctor. I was doing the Aviva Exercises for 4 months, twice a week and both health problems were resolved. Moreover my period is also became regular which was another surprise.

Painful period/Period cramps
Timi, 27

Ever since I got my period the first day was extremely painful, I had cramps, headaches, got dizzy and nauseous. I’m so grateful for the Aviva Method because since I learned the simple exercises I hardly notice that just got my period.

Zita, 36

When I was 18 one of my ovaries was removed due to a cyst and four years after the other one was also operated on but luckily only laparoscopically. Then the thought of wanting to have a baby came up but I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 26. The doctors tried to fix my hormone levels with medical treatment but my illness kept reoccurring. Opting for other treatments would have meant leaving the baby project for a while so I kept taking medication. If I had known, that we might have to keep on trying for 5 years, I might have decided otherwise but actually I don’t mind the fact that no other severe action was taken concerning treatment.

After trying to get pregnant for two years without success I went to a fertility institute. It turned out very quickly that I don’t have any mature eggs so we skipped insemination and started IVF right away. My diagnostics were okay, thyroid levels were fine (although with medication only), my husband was okay, we had successful stimulations but the embryos have not implanted. We became emotionally exhausted after those two years we spent with trying the IVF and when we were told to go for the fourth round without any further examination for possible causes I said enough. There has to be another solution I thought.

I have tried naturopathy and homeopathy, none of them worked. And then the Aviva Method was recommended by one of my colleagues. I have learned the exercises and continued practising while doing acupuncture therapy and taking care of my diet at the same time. I have spent one year like this, with the detoxification of my body, I rested and felt good being able to do something myself for getting pregnant.

We went back to the fertility institute after this year – as agreed with my husband -, got to another doctor and was examined once again. Then we went on holidays for 3 weeks before any further treatment where we hiked, went to the beach and just enjoyed it all. Since it was around day 50 of my cycle (which was around 32-34 days recently) and I got nervous that it will get irregular again we bought a pregnancy test. It came out positive just 3 weeks before the planned IVF treatment! I am a happy mother of a beautiful boy!

Today I say that I would skip the fertility institute altogether (except for the diagnostics) and would suggest everyone to keep looking for alternative possibilities which you enjoy doing and believe in.


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)/Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)/Endometriosis/Infertility
Anett, 29

I guess you could say that I am the perfect example of what the Aviva Method can be used for. I attended the course back in 2008 because I was cramping during the periods and had PCOS which I haven’t paid too much attention to because the birth control pills covered the symptoms well. The first period that I had after practicing the exercises only a few times was painless and that impressed me a lot. Then Margit convinced me to get rid of the birth control pill that I was subscribed at age 14 because of my irregular period. The next one was right on time on day 28. I wasn’t even surprised when the PCOS was not to be found during the next gynaecological checkup.

Since all was good I got lazier, forgot about the exercises and stopped doing them altogether. Two years later although my cycle was still 28 days, I experienced very painful cramps. I was totally misdiagnosed by a doctor for a long time and after changing gynaecologist the new one stated that I had endometriosis therefore one of my Fallopian tubes were removed shortly after. The doctor made it pretty clear that I won’t be able to get pregnant in a natural way.

One of the first things that I did after surgery was to cry on Margit’s shoulder who was able to provide helpful advice as always. The Aviva Method became a  part of my life once again so much so that it also saved me on my wedding day and during honeymoon by rescheduling my period thus not ruining the big event for us. When we returned from our honey moon, it was already the three of us.


Tara, 43

I noticed my hips and pelvis more flexible and sensual, getting everything flowing and moving and helping unblock energy. For me it's about becoming more aware of that area (pelvic area), the seat of our power and femininity.

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