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pregnancy exercises

It is very important to prepare your body for the upcoming changes that it will go through during pregnancy as well as for the arrival of your new-born. This transformation can be easy for some women but difficult for others from a physical and psychological point of view. The AVIVA Method’s exercises for the pregnant focus on keeping your muscles fit by relaxing, stretching and strengthening them with a very gentle approach. We always make sure that the set of exercises are tailored to your needs and abilities. We keep the pace calm and always focus on our breathing during the movements. The exercises lift your mood and also make  postpartum recovery quicker.


  • relaxation by gently stretching the muscles that tend to be under a lot of pressure during the pregnancy

  • strengthening the muscles which are used during pregnancy and giving birth

  • stimulating blood circulation

  • learning breathing techniques which will come in handy while in labour and giving birth

  • lifting your mood

The lesson

Private lesson

1 x 2 hours

During the lesson you will receive a package of practical and theoritical information you need to know about the state of pregnancy for the prenatal and the postpartum phase including:

  • the changes that the body goes through during pregnancy

  • a set of exercises personally tailored for your abilities including gentle stretching, strengthening and relaxing of the muscles

  • useful advice about lfestyle habits and things to look out for

  • the importance of breathing and breathing exercises