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No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body.

Margaret Sanger


Aviva Steiner the developer of the AVIVA Method

The AVIVA Method is a natural method that integrates specific exercises, nutritional and lifestyle guidelines and applies them to naturally restore the hormone balance of the female and male body and to promote general health. The exercise systems of the Method were developed by Hungarian-born Aviva Steiner, a ballet dancer, PE teacher and physiotherapist so as to provide relief in case of problems of the reproductive system and the hormonal imbalance of the endocrine system through targeted muscle work, elevated blood circulation and the stimulation of the endocrine glands. The Method has proved itself to be successful during the last 50 years in case of female and male infertility, irregular menstruation, cysts, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, urinary incontinence, prostate problems, erectile dysfunction and many other health issues.



Δασκάλα Μεθόδου AVIVA - Μαθήματα ορομονικής γυμναστικής Ελλάδα / AVIVA Method lessons in Greece

I believe that the human body is a very wise and well-constructed system that has the power of self-healing if provided with the right circumstances and support. The exercise system of the AVIVA Method provides you exactly with that: an opportunity to heal yourself naturally. One of my childhood dreams was to make the world a better place and I feel that the moment I became an AVIVA Method Instructor this dream finally come true. The Method enabled me to gain control over my womanly matters back in 2008 and nearly ten years later I felt the need to share this experience and knowledge with you and those who are ready to take the responsibility for their own health. I’m looking forward to meeting you at my lessons in Greece or online, if you are ready to experience the beneficial effect of the AVIVA Method yourself.

Ildiko Szucs

AVIVA Method Instructor, Sports Instructor, Complementary Hormone Balance Consultant, Independent New German Medicine Consultant




The ultimate series of 18 rhythmical exercises for women promotes natural hormone balance and hormonal health. The AVIVA Hormone Gymnastics provide natural therapeutical and preventive solutions in case of various gynaecological and menstrual problems, infertility and promote general well-being.


The specific exercises focus on the strengthening of muscles of the pelvic area and the pelvic floor. They could provide help in case of prostate problems, male infertility, erectile dysfunctions and urinary incontinence, they aid sexual functions and support hormonal health and the general well-being of men.


The pelvic floor muscle exercises help women with staying fit not only on the outside but also on the inside. The exercises strengthen the muscles around the pelvic organs, can provide relief in case of urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapses (i.e. uterus, bladder), they aid sexual functions and speed up postpartum recovery.


The pregnancy exercises gently prepare the women's body for the upcoming changes that are to be experienced during pregnancy as well as for the labour itself.  During the sessions we focus on our breathing and keeping the muscles fit by careful stretching, and strengthening movements and relaxation.

"I was doing the AVIVA exercises two times a week and did the detoxification therapies that you recommended for 3 months and today I was told by my gynaecologist that my uterine polyp is gone. He also checked my hormones and I am completely healthy. I will continue doing the exercises because I want to stay healthy."

Virginia, 32



AVIVA Method Greece

Ikaria, Greece

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Μέθοδος AVIVA για την ορμονική ισορροπία

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