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Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS): symptoms and natural relief

Today I brought you a topic that affects many women. It is not an illness but rather falls into the category of discomfort: the premenstrual syndrome. I'm pretty sure almost all of you have experienced a couple of the symptoms that might occur before the period comes. Either if it’s you or someone else you know who suffers from PMS, this article might be the answer you are looking for. Scroll down and let me show you what you can do in order to make those cranky days easier for you and also for the people around you.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) refers to physical and emotional symptoms that occur in the one to two weeks before a woman's period. Symptoms include tender breasts, mood swings, headaches, depression, bloating, irritability and acne.

Truth is that it all comes down to our hormones and not just to the hormone levels themselves but also to hormone ratios (for example the estrogen-progesterone ratio). The sensitive endocrine system can be easily compromised and thrown off balance.

Depending on the extent of hormonal imbalance PMS could be experienced just a couple of days or a week before the period but I also know women whose symptoms start right after ovulation. That means 14 days give or take a day or two. These women tend to be more anxious and irritable, they are cranky and can't stand even wearing a bra (let alone be touched by their partner, they are that sensitive!!) for half a month! That is way too long especially if symptoms tend to be more intense.

It’s important to notice that hormone levels of women change several times during their cycle which is completely normal. This is one of the basic difference between men and women: men are so lucky they are not affected by these hormonal changes because their body provides them with a stable supply. No wonder they cannot possibly imagine what we are going through. Our monthly rollercoaster ride is all Chinese to them and they are not to be blamed.

So what is to be done, you might ask if Mother Nature created us women the way we are?

How is it possible to keep our hormones in check?

Let's start by eliminating factors that can easily mess up hormone levels such as:

  • stress - reduce it to a minimum level

  • processed food (the shorter the list of ingredients, the better)

  • detergents, cosmetics, body care products - most of these contain chemical substances that disrupt hormone balance, opt for the ones with natural ingredients instead if you must

  • plastic containers, metal food cans (see detergents and cosmetics)

Once you manage to keep these factors to the minimum you made a huge step, but there is more you can do. By practicing the AVIVA Method exercises you give further support to the endocrine functions which are the key to improving premenstrual syndrome. During practice we stimulate the endocrinal glands by specific muscle work and help our body to set its ideal state of balance of hormones naturally.

Our body is capable of fixing itself, all we have to do is to create the ideal conditions and to give proper support so it can do the magic. If you need support and more information, reach out to me by email at


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