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The AVIVA Method arrives to Greece

Finally the AVIVA Method, a unique natural method that aims to help both women and men with solving health issues related to the reproductive system, is available also in Greece, on the beautiful island of Ikaria from the summer of 2019.

The AVIVA Method started its big journey more than 50 years ago in Israel and nowadays it's present in many countries all over the world such as Germany, France, Italy, the US, Australia, Hungary, China and India just to name a few. The Method was developed by Hungarian-born Aviva Gabriella Steiner, a physiotherapist and a ballet dancer with the purpose of finding the way to control the menstrual cycle and thus placing significant power into women’s hands over the control of their own bodies.

The AVIVA Method features a sequence of specific exercises that generate positive changes in the endocrine system, by stimulating the endocrinal glands. The exercises focus on the muscles of the pelvic area (gluteal, abdominal, pelvic floor) which by doing the workout create a more intense arterial and venous blood flow resulting in an elevated supply of vitamins, oxygen and hormones and also helps with the excretion of toxins and other non-desired elements from the blood stream.

Based on the experience of thousands of women and men the AVIVA Method has proved to be a powerful natural tool in case of various health problems including infertility, period problems, myomas, hormonal imbalances, cysts, PCOS and the symptoms of menopause just to name a few.

The best way to describe the series of exercises is to call it hormonal gymnastics because the main focus of the occasionally dance-like movements is the stimulation of the endocrinal glands. This way an ideal hormone balance is created by the body according to its own tempo and needs without any external intervention whatsoever.

The Method is not only used for therapeutic purposes but also for prevention. It is a very feminine way of exercise for women to keep young and fit for as long as possible.

Maybe some of you are wondering and what about men. Aviva didn’t forget  them either and a specific series of strengthening exercises were created for them which – just like in case of women - also focus on the pelvic area and could be helpful in case of infertility, prostate problems, erection problems and incontinence.

The AVIVA Method’s chapter in Greece has just started and I hope that it will be able to provide solution for many women and men who seek natural solutions, believe in the self-healing mechanisms of the body and are ready for a new way of exercises that can change their lives forever.


If you wish to learn more about the AVIVA Method I invite you to check out my website or contact me directly via email at

Hormone balance naturally in Ikaria Greece


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