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Having your hormones by your side: hormone balance and health

No matter what happens inside our body, we can be absolutely sure that hormones have something to do with it. Therefore I believe it is wise to be on good terms with them so that they will work for and not against us. If we have an ideal relationship with our hormones - meaning that we make it possible for them to be able to function under ideal circumstances - we will feel great in the world. However if we act otherwise these tiny invisible things can make our lives miserable and full of problems which we obviously would not possibly want. So basically that leaves us with one option: to make hormones our friends once and for all.

Hormone balance - AVIVA Method Greece Seychelles beach Ikaria

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Hormones although very tiny the impact that they have on our body functions should definitely not be underestimated. They do their job without us even noticing their existence as long as working conditions (circumstances) are fine. However when our hormones get out of balance we can feel as if our world has been suddenly turned upside down. We don’t know what to do and while in despair we try to treat the problem locally, perceiving it as a result of the malfunction of one specific organ instead of looking at the whole picture. To be able to understand the way hormones work we need a holistic way of thinking because there is simply never only one clue that leads us to the conclusion that there is something wrong with our endocrine system. There tend to be many more, we just have to know where to look and to look carefully. Be a detective!

Listening to the signals of your own body is the most important thing of all because who is to know better than you how and what you feel.

Hormones are signalling molecules, the word ‘hormone’ itself is - very surprisingly - of Greek origin and means ‘setting in motion’. They have a significant role in communication within our body and the endocrine system itself has a very close relationship with the nervous system.

It is quite amazing that all of our vital organs (heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines, lungs, bones, muscles, skin, tissues, reproductive organs, blood vessels), the blood circulation and the metabolism take orders from the hormones and do as they are told as if they were workers in a big factory. If we look at them this way we can immediately understand the importance of the endocrine system because a great amount of organ malfunction is caused by hormonal imbalances.

Mood swings solution - AVIVA Method Greece

Telltale signs

Many of you might know that the fluctuation of hormone levels are kept responsible for mood swings. Put your hands on your hearts ladies and confess (at least to yourselves): how many times did you freak out over nothing without any apparent reason or just sat on the edge of your bed feeling blue and fatigue just before your period was about to come! How many times did you say the following day „Ah of course! It’s all because of that!”?

Issues concerning irregular period should not be left unmentioned either because the root of these kind of problems has very often to do with the unsatisfactory work of the endocrine system. A period might be too short, last too long, be very heavy, can come this month but skipped the previous one. Some women don’t have period at all. There are many variations for this phenomenon you see.

This is one of the reasons why the AVIVA Method can be so effective in case of period problems and mood swings. The exercises make it possible for the endocrine system to set its own ideal balance at its own pace. The result is 100% tailor-made just for you.

But let’s go a little bit further! How would you feel if I said that good sleep and dreams are also things controlled by hormones? Our body needs sleep for relaxing and rehabilitation but what if these two important functions cannot be completed during night because the tiny little signalling molecules don’t do their job as they are supposed to. Instead of reaching for the sleeping pill I highly recommend to look at the whole picture again and get to the bottom of the problem. The clues you come across during your search mission might very easily point into the direction of a hormonal issue.

Sleeping problems - Hormone imbalance - AVIVA exercises

Do you lack ideas although you keep wrecking your brain and you are usually by far the most creative person at your work or among your friends? Has it ever occur to you that your problem is caused by hormone imbalance? Believe it or not creativity and hormones also walk hand in hand. Isn’t that just amazing?

I could keep going on and on about other body functions that are affected by the right function of the endocrine system but I’m pretty sure that the examples mentioned above already proved you that it is very much worth having the hormones on your side so that they work for you not against you.


If you want to learn about a natural way how you are able to help the work of your endocrine system and how you can encourage and support the self-healing of your body, check out the AVIVA Method which is an exercise system of hormonal gymnastics providing possibilities for therapy and prevention for both women and men in case of many hormone-related health issues and many various problems that concern the reproductive system.


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